About Pet Therapy


What is Pet Therapy

Animals are scientifically proven to help lower stress levels and promote positive mental health; they can also bring positive energy to stressful situations. Pet therapy involves supporting people with various emotional difficulties, helping to improve physical, emotional, cognitive and social interaction; with the animal/s working with individuals or groups.  

Benefits of therapy animals

  • Brighten up people’s day providing something to look forward to in the week

  • Helps tackle anxiety and depression in care homes

  • Reduces social exclusion and loneliness by encouraging interaction with others through animals

  • Helps people with dementia through sensory engagement and memory recall of owning animals

  • Reduces children general shyness, helping them to become active group members

  • Supports children in SEN schools with anxiety feel comfortable and secure in the presence of pets

  • Helps students relax during exams periods

  • Help children with social and emotional needs such as anxiety disorders to feel more comfortable and secure

  • Supports children with special education needs such as autism through sensory touch  

  • Supports children with mental health needs including self harming by forming relationships with animals

  • Reduces children with shyness to become active group members

  • Reduces the stress of staff working in more difficult environments such as carehomes or SEN schools